MUST READ!! Letter To My Unborn Daughter by T.Burns

Men tend to comfort when they think they are wrong….But some Women wants you to do just that.

I wrote this in hopes that one day when I have a daughter she won’t fall into this type of living.And for those who do have daughters…open your eyes to how she portrays herself becuase thats very important in raising strong black women

Lol, Its funny how people tend to be and act more than what they really are. I got this friend right, she comes off smart, natural, energetic, open, humble etc 
its like everyone she meets they are auto matically drawn in by her smile and caring attitude… But one thing they DONT know is that my freind is an opprotunist. I kinda figured this out about her a while back and sat and watched while the “Suckas For Loves” got drawn in and laughed when they were spit out. See, she is the kind that will have you believing the devil needs advocates if you let her. She will have you believing that your so special…so much the one but thats her M.O cause she makes a living off giving plastic emotions to willing gentleman. Wow she’s a Maneater. She told me about this one guy she knew a while back which she maybe have had feelings for at one point but at this point in her life she was just playing a game that she played a 1000 times before. See, I kinda figured through her rants and where she been, what she has done, her up’s, downs” relationship issues” reasons to why this and that” that she longs for change but her mentality keeps her feeling inferior to others so therefore she feels she needs to keep this image of miss x to keep her whole. She visualizes these fantasies of something that she will never attain thru her present way of thinking. She likes to paint images of wrongdoing and misconstrue a situation till he’s feeling like “Damn, was I that bad?” Lmao, but what the victims dont understand is whether boy or girl is “Nah, You were just a victim” the victim of a person who see’s opprotunity at the drop of a hat, a person who is driven to analyze and deceive not all in a bad way, just to prove her “Mind Control” ethic.. a person who chooses to make decisions based on those ethics which does not at all show who she really is. I talk to her everyonce in a while and it seems this life has taken over who she once was, has taken the person we as men fell in love with and seen as a person to settle with and transformed this queen into just a Novice in the game of emotion because the worst thing to end up like is not a LOSER, FAILURE, but to end up a WASTE OF TIME and be viewed as such…. 

Letter To My First Born DAUGHTER 


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