Why I Occupy… Testament To The Man’s Will To Fight

… because our democracy has been hijacked. The corporations and special interests pay our politicians to do their bidding instead of the people's. This legal bribery has to stop.
Most of you know that I strongly support a new constitutional amendment that was introduced into Congress to get all special interest money out of our political system. Passing this amendment will require a lot of work, so I continue to occupy and push forward a vision for America that gets rid of undue influence on our political system. Almost every systematic thing that disempowers the poor and enables the rich is a function of our broken democracy. For example, the $15 million the prison industrial complex pays to lobby our politicians to keep unjust dysfunctional drug and other laws on our books is a way they have occupied our democracy. They in turn make many billions off our government by filling their hotels (jails). That's just one of many examples of how money poisons our political system.

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