10 Things for Black Men to Remember When Pulled Over by the Police

10 Things for Black Men to Remember When Pulled Over by the Police

Writing for NewsOne.com, Dr. Boyce Watkins gives 10 tips for black men when dealing with police encounters. Black males are far more likely to go to prison and to die in the custody of police than other citizens. All of this begins with the first stop by police, where things can sometimes get out of hand. Dr. Watkins offers these tips for those who wish to avoid these problems.

   ” When NWA wrote “F*ck the Police” in the late 1980s, they were heavily criticized.  But the police brutality of which they were speaking was a racial boogeyman that remained hidden due to the high cost of home video cameras.   Rodney King changed all that, and it let America know that the relationship between black men and the police usually left us at the short end of the baton.

    I am not an attorney.  I am just a scholar and a black man who cares about what happens when my brothers interact with that peculiar street gang, otherwise known as the police.  Sometimes, the cops are here to protect us.  But other times, they are here to protect everyone else from us.  So, interacting with police in a way that keeps us from losing our lives is absolutely critical.

    Please note that this is not a substitute for legal advice.  I recommend that you speak to an attorney to get a more complete understanding of how to handle situations like this one.  But my Facebook friends, some of whom have solid legal backgrounds, helped me to compile this list of things you should keep in mind when dealing with the police.   Think about these issues carefully, for it might save your life: READ MORE


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