Shots Fired:The Lil Wayne And Pusha T Soap Opera

For all that don't know, in the wide world of hip hop comes another BLACKA! gunshot. This time from this little quiet guy named Pusha T. In his newest release "Exodus" he speaks on "The Man" sigmed "To The Man" signed "To Two More Niccas" smh. Of course we can't have subliminal Push get away with talking about who the hell knows w/o Wayne crafting a 1:39 diss called "Ghoulish" where in the first millisecond you a very forward and scathing "F**K PUSHA T!! then the rant follows. Now, dont get me wrong, I see no problem with beef in the industry but in my opinion… either No Malice is about to re-emerge, sign with G.O.O.D Music on the heels of a YMCB beef, Kanye West has orchastrated this to fuel the fire btwn him and Drake supposedly jacking his style….. or Pusha T is retarded. 

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