The Love Below: "What Every Man Wants" THIS IS DEFINITELY A MUST READ!!!

I love love. Im surrounded by love. My family and God show me unconditional love on an every day basis. I love my friends and they love me, but nothing compares to the love of that one other person. And it’s something everyone wants and needs. Shiet, thugs need love too!
I don’t know if you’ve ever been in love before, but I have. It was that true in love-love…. not that dysfunctional shit you hear about now a days. Kinda funny I’m talkin like it was back in the good’ol days or something, but I swear thats what I feel has happened. Maybe it’s because my love was at a pure age before it was tainted with other temptations. We never cheated on each other, we respected each other and we truly cared for one another. I feel as though these things juss don’t exist any more in most relationships and if they do, it’s very rare that you hear about it. Of course even all good things must come to an end, and for different reasons we couldn’t savor a friendship, but I never regret having had that first love.
I’ve had some messed up situations when it comes to dating, but I can’t say I’ve lost complete hope that I’ll find someone worth it, or rather we’ll find each other, that juss gives me that feeling. You know that feeling I’ve mentioned before, thats ALMOST inexplicable. It gives you that tingling sensation that goes through your limbs… them butterflies in your stomach… and your chest and cheeks feel instantly warm. You have an uncontrollable smile and I swear there’s stars in your eyes. The feeling that’s juss there as soon you look at them and they look at you… kinda somethin like this:

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