The Truth: Chris Brown’s “U.B.N” Connection Gets It Cracking In The Club

Yes thats a RED flag and YES Breezy is affiliated, seems like Drizzy and Wack Mills was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong crowd

TMZ Sources
 say that Chris Brown’s crew from the club brawl are making threats for Drake, “F**k You, We’re
Gonna Kill You N**ga”

One of Chris Brown‘s homies was throwing gang signs and making death threats atDrake‘s entourage in the moments before the NYC nightclub brawl … this according to several witnesses. The guy throwing the signs is an active HIGH RANKING member of the Blood Gang U.B.N of New York

Eyewitnesses say … Chris had been hanging out at his own VIP table with a posse of 16 other guys … one of whom was a man with dreadlocks who was throwing gang signs and screaming at Drake’s table. Witnesses say this man was the primary instigator in the brawl that would follow.

Among the verbal taunts, we’re told the man yelled out, “Somebody’s gonna die.”

We’re told the man also directed some of his anger at Drake’s friend Meek Mill – saying, “F**k you, we’re gonna kill you n*gga.” But dont forget “Frank Ocean” was ALSO hunted down and harassed for talking down on Chris… was even youtubed being punked by the homies.

As the man continued to spit venom, witnesses say Chris stood up and embraced him … as if to say, “This is my guy.”

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … it’s possible the threats were captured on tape.

Here’s the rub — Brown’s friend was acting as if he was associated with a gang …. which is significant because Chris is not allowed to associate with gang members as part of his probation in the Rihanna beating case.

Now, what really WENT DOWN

Chris and his goons chilling in V.I.P, Drake and Meek just had a show in NY and chose to hang out at the club WIP

So, as Breezy and Drake sat enjoying the ameneties of V.I.P, one of the homies gets to checking Drake and Meek but not about Rihanna..dude talking bout killing something.

So, obviously its 16 niggas with Breezy and of course Drake bodyguarded up so Breezy to quell the tension orders Drizzy a bottle, Drake does not accept which there is nothing wrong with that  BUT after the champagne denial, Drizzy gets to talking wreckless so Breezy walks over to Drizzy and punches the ish out of dude and all hell breaks loose!! But what u didnt know is ALMOST 50 BLOODS ran in the V.I.P and thats when Drake and Meek Millz ran in the bathroom!! Lmao, Im done withthis story but know that Dramacydal has its sources… peace:)


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