Gangsters Vs Thugs Vs Gentlemen: THE DIFFERENCE

I think that most women my age don’t really know what they want in a man. They all want a man who is a thug/badboy that treats them like a gentlemen and it doesn’t exist. This essay shows the difference between 3 personality types and why they conflict.



A thug is generally reckless and solves almost all disagreements by fighting. He rarely evaluates a situation or sizes up his enemy before rushing into danger. He is more often than not financially unstable and extremely irresponsible. He doesn’t recognize any real form of honor or authority, and often goes back on his word. He has frequent run-ins with the law, even though he fears the police. He has no remorse in robbing and stealing from absolutely anyone. He often has no more than a high school diploma or G.E.D. (if he even has that).

A thug generally doesn’t mix well outside of his element and looks awkward in formal settings. He may or may not be concerned about his image (You will be able to tell by the way he dresses). He will either look bummy by wearing old sneakers, dirty clothes, unkempt hair, etc…Or be flamboyant in wearing fresh color coordinated clothes, the latest sneakers, matching accessories, etc…He often looks uncomfortable and out of place in a suit.

Thugs will only fight with their hands when they have to, and see no problem in “jumping” someone. He is the ultimate dirty fighter and may or may not be good at it. He will brandish a weapon openly, even if he doesn’t intend to use it, and will become dangerous when desperate, but easily gives in if cornered. They brag about their victims openly and love a crowd. These are usually the ones that turn into snitches when the cops offer them a way out.

A thug usually hustles because he doesn’t have the education or humility to hold anything other than a menial job. When he does have money, He flaunts it for the world to see. He usually has high and often unrealistic ambition. However he enjoys being praised and will talk about his dreams openly however unrealistic they are.

In relationships thugs are extremely jealous, and the relationship cannot peacefully end unless he agrees to it. If he doesn’t agree to it, any other man that enters the womans life will be probably be harassed. He loses his composure easily and will often engage in shouting matches. He generally has no respect for women, and will often hit one if he doesn’t get his way. They are generally selfish and looking out for their own best interest.

Why you want a THUG

On the positive side, thugs are emotional for better or worse. He is passionate in bed and openly affectionate with the ones that he loves in public and private. He is generally uninhibited, but there are some things that he will refuse to do (this changes from man to man). He is fiercely loyal to the ones he loves and will take their side, whether right or wrong. The woman who is with him will also be able to get away with things that no one else can. It’s like owning a lion that only you can pet (This is where the appeal lies). He leads a life of danger and excitement (Often short lived), but there is limited future with a thug unless major changes are made to his personality.


The gangster is a sort of a hybrid between a thug and a gentleman. He carefully evaluates every situation and rarely gets into one that he can’t handle. He is usually financially stable and very responsible. He may or may not have a criminal record, but he values his freedom and will not risk it needlessly. He has no fear of police but respects their authority, and will not steal from someone who has less than him unless it’s for competition. He rarely is without at least a high school education and occasionally pursues higher education, but already possesses a good amount of book knowledge. If he wasn’t able to finish school then he reads books to teach himself.

He mixes well in any element and is relaxed at all times. He lives to maintain his image in both business and physical appearance. He is well dressed at all times whether casual or formal and blends into both environments flawlessly. He is a cultured man and is enthusiastic about learning new things.

A gangster will only fight when he has to, and when he does he does it well. He evaluates his enemy well and exploits any weakness he can find. He will not brandish a weapon that he has no intention of using, and will only use it if there is no other option. He prefers to do most of his “business” in private with as few witnesses as possible. If cornered he will fight fiercely and is not easily rattled. Once something is finished he rarely talks about it and will barely hint at it. A true gangster is loyal to whomever he considers friend and family and will rarely turn into a snitch.

Honor and Pride are both serious matters to a gangster. Once you have his word as a man he considers himself bound for life until he accomplishes what he said he would. His money is usually a mix of legal and illegal, and he is protective of it. His ambitions are often realistic and often achieved. He doesn’t flaunt his money or talk about how he makes it, and doesn’t care too much for praise. He has a small circle of trusted friends and guards his secrets viciously.

In relationships a gangster is non-chalant. He keeps his opinions to himself and it is rare for him to expose his emotional side to anyone. He will not hold a woman against her will and his pride won’t allow him to beg her to stay (This can often be his downfall). He rarely loses his composure and will not yell in public. He is not easily rattled and will not back down if there is a chance he can win (and it’s worth it). He may very affectionate in private (or not), but only moderately affectionate in public. He will not hit women and doesn’t respect (though he may understand) any man that will. He evaluates everything fairly and will not jump to your side if you are in the wrong. He is loyal to himself first, and will not sacrifice his personal plans and goals for anyone.

Why you want a Gangster

A gangster is a well-balanced man. His level of confidence makes everyone around him comfortable and he is true to his word. He may or may not be as passionate as a thug, but he is often just as affectionate. He is highly ambitious and will usually realize his dreams. A gangsters‘ girl is privileged to more of his information than anyone else and will likely be the only one to see his emotional side. When he solves a problem it stays solved, He is an expert at the art of intimidation. He is well rounded in the bedroom and takes pride in pleasing his woman. He is uninhibited in most areas and may compromise on some things.


The gentleman is the most conservative of the three. He is usually holding down a decent job and is the most financially stable of the three. He is very responsible and usually has absolutely no criminal record not counting juvenile misdemeanors (everyone makes mistakes). He both respects and fears the police and is a law-abiding citizen. He usually is college educated and well rounded.

He prospers in a professional environment, but sticks out like a sore thumb in an urban setting. He dresses conservatively. His clothes are both pressed and clean, and he is at his most comfortable in a suit.

A gentleman evaluates situations superficially. He generally doesn’t like to fight and will try to talk out his disagreements. He is well spoken and prefers to settle things in court, where he usually wins. He never carries a gun and will quickly call the authorities if given a chance. If he is cornered he WILL FIGHT, if there is no other option. He will not carry a weapon and does not like using them.

A gentleman is highly honorable and is also bonded by his word. He is often sure of himself and always well dressed. He is highly cultured and prides himself on being a “man of the world”. His money is strictly legal, and he is well respected by society on the whole. He doesn’t speak about his business in public and his home life is a well-guarded secret. Sometimes this can result in domestic abuse, but a true gentleman will not hit a woman. He rarely loses his composure, but when it does happen it all happens at once. Gentlemen often have issues about things that they haven’t accomplished, maybe because of fear of failure or fear of someone else. He is often a social time bomb. These are the ones that lose it, and end up in clock towers with high-powered rifles.

There are a few negative points. He is often very boring. He follows rules to the letter and rarely does anything spontaneous. He is sometimes overly sensitive and has a fragile ego as far as his manhood is concerned. He is seldom affectionate in public, and only moderately so in private. He is very inhibited in the bedroom, and it is a gamble whether he will or will not be good in bed.

Why you want a GENTLEMAN

The gentleman is the ideal family man. He is family oriented and takes extreme pride in raising his children. He lays a solid foundation for the future, and plans for the worst. He is supportive and caring to his woman in a relationship. He is also the most dependable of the three and usually empathetic with his womans problems.

Until Next Time…



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