Henry Deonte Stanley born on January 27th 1987 in Cleveland, Ohio, better known by his stage name DC (Dolla Cha$e), is an American rapper originating from the  Midwest currently signed to D&W Management. DC got his start with music in early 2007 by casually putting words and phrases together that rhymed for many of his friends and family. He became more serious about his career in music, during his term in prison when he would sit in his cell and create many of his songs. Once he began receiving positive feedback from his peers on his musical talents, DC knew it was only a matter of time before he would get the opportunity to showcase his skills.

DC, the oldest of 10 siblings, admits he never met his mother or father as a child growing up forcing him to spend most of his early childhood in and out of the foster care system. As a result from his experiences coming up on Cleveland’s eastside, life circumstances made it easier for him to find comfort with the streets. From that comfort, he began to engage in all kinds of illicit behavior. Unfortunately, in 2007, DC was incarcerated stemming from charges of which he recounts in his song DC’s Demise, on his debut project entitled “Mandatory” due for release in the 4th quarter of 2012. While delivering educated rhymes, he also adds an amazing ability of storytelling to his craft. Times of struggle and hardships are also apparent in his music with such tracks like “Hard Life” and “Simply Me”which appeared on the mixtape “Up in Smoke” hosted by DJ CoreyGrand (Summer 2012). Available now on the popular music site livemixtapes.com.

Like many of his Midwestern counterparts, DC has an amazing ability to switch styles and rhyming ability on different records. Always striving to out-do himself with each song, DC states that he makes music for different “moods”, classifying himself as a “mood rapper”. Early musical influences include the likes of The Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, and Kanye West, but he still pays homage to local acts like “Bone Thugs and Harmony” and more recent “MGK”. Yearning for success, DC’s only focus is making sure he consistently puts out good music. Having longevity and relevance in the music industry is key to his success but judging from his music, it seems as though D.C will certainly be around for a long time to come.

This is one Cleveland spitta you do not wanna sleep on!! Be on the look out for “MANDATORY” THIS MONTH!! CLEVELAND SHOW YA LOVE AND STAAAAND THE FUCK UP!!!!!


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