The State of Hip Hop In 2012

What is Hip Hop?

Hip Hop (often a synonym for Rap music) is a genre of music arguably originating from New York in the 1970s. Hip hop was and is practiced all over simultaneously which makes it hard to say which specific location or group started it. Unlike most other genres of music, Hip Hop differs in the roots, beliefs, and even practice of itself. It is a completely original and pure form of poetry which shocked the nation, beginning many legacy’s and bringing new elements to the world of music and art.

Throughout the years…

Being Hip Hop was new and exciting to mainly the African American, lower class population, or other minorities, it caught most of the White or upper class people by surprise.

It quickly grew acceptance with originators such as Grandmaster Flash, LA Dream Team, and Run DMC by showing their goal isn’t to bring negativity into the lives of the more successful and bring the listeners down to the level where most of the Emcees came from. It is a form of poetry, explaining the hardships and reality of the place where the Artists were born and raised. Their is much positivity, fun, and skill involved. During the 90’s when the older cats set the future of the industry, it blew up. Tupac, Biggie, Bone Thugs n Harmony and Snoop Dogg were regular people in the struggle during the start of The Roots career. Artists and groups such as these three took all their forefathers left, and innovated it for the modern day crowd. The “realness” is what attracted most.

The truth and realization of the world we live in, struggles people go through when they aren’t born with a silver spoon, and telling the world how grateful they are to have escaped that life through Hip Hop. Throughout the 90s, real after real came out with hit after hit. Hip Hop and Rap took over the American music scene and swept through homes of all wealth and genetics. Regardless of opinions, the facts stand that Hip Hop had a message to stay, and it was here.


In the year 2000 up to present day, most fans and Hip Hop artists will agree that true hip hop and rap has went downhill. Most who were born during 80s and grew up to the reals such as Biggie and Bone seem as if they are trying to duplicate what they have done to the game. Innovating more such as bringing other genres into Hip Hop (Auto Tune from Techno), when most innovation that is possible has already been done. They try to go above and beyond but wind up falling out of the sky with a burning propeller.


Speaking in a general sense, their seems to be a commonly shared mentality between most mainstream artists. Lil wayne, Waka Flocka, and Gucci mane are examples. EvenIF they come from the streets, they do not carry the streets on their back in a real manner. They turn into fake, “studio gangstas” probably because of money clouding their original objective. Instead of honoring those who have lost and given their lives for Hip Hop (some still alive) and keeping it 100, they rather make as much money as possible regardless the effect on the game, or true fans and followers of the movement.

This deeply saddens many who recognize this shift in Hip Hop. You can still be “original” today such as Lil Wayne, but originality which is taken from many different genres (rock) or counter cultures (skate boarding) and put in a pot to mix into your own originality, isnt original in itself. This is what is lacking. What people as Lil Wayne do, although respectable in a sense, is not benefiting the state of Hip Hop. He is creating reason for others to follow which will ultimately reduce the true aspects of what Hip Hop needs. Stories, lessons, messages to the successful and the underprivileged.

Everyone in this world can take something from this genre of music if they allow themselves. In 2012, Hip Hop is still alive by a few, such as the longstanding success, persistence, and ability to refuse selling their soul of Bone Thugs N Harmony. Fallen ones such as Tupac would be alongside him still, and people forget that. Maybe if more originators today were still keeping the game alive, the newer artists would realize the “Wackness” of their choices. To some though, money is everything.


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