Dramacydal Tv: How Much do Rappers Make Per Concert?

Are you looking for a rapper to perform at your next birthday party? Want to know how much rappers make for a single concert performance? Well, wonder no more because we’ve gone ahead and found the fees many of today’s top hip-hop stars charge for a single evening show. How impressed would your friends be to see 50 Cent walk into your back yard, microphone in hand? Or maybe Eminem is more your style and perhaps you’ll rent out a local night club? Interestingly, it turns out that some fairly big name rappers are relatively affordable. For example just $10,000 would get you Meek Mill for a night. On the other hand, some of these rappers are the opposite of affordable. To illustrate just how expensive they can be, we’ve compiled the top 15 highest earners in the following gallery. Below the gallery we’ve listed over 40 more rappers and how much they charge per show. So if money was no object, who would you hire to perform at your private party?

  1. Birdman – ??? We couldn’t find any instances of Birdman, Dr. Dre or Diddy performing at private events. If you know of an example, please let us know so we can update our list!
  2. Dr. Dre – ???
  3. P Diddy – ???
  4. #1 Kanye West – $3 million sweet 16
  5. #1 Jay-Z – $3 million sweet 16
  6. #2 Eminem – $3.3 million for two nights at UK festival ($66k per song)
  7. #3 50 Cent – $2 mill

  1. #4 Rihanna – $800,000
  2. #5 Lil Wayne – $500,000
  3. #6 Drake – $155,000
  4. #7 Nicki Minaj – $150,000
  5. #8 Akon – $120,000
  6. #9 T.I. – $110,000 READ MORE

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