Dramacydal Tv: Hip-Hop Rumors: Shyne’s New Years Resolution, Skillz Quits. Trinidad James’ Beef!

by illseed (@illseed) December 25th, 2012 @ 2:52pm



Shyne is the man. Dude speaks and we report on it. Welp! It looks like Shyne is setting his standards high in 2013. He wants to get Rihanna to come over to the Jewish side with him.

“Say blood, I’m a go on & jump out the window! My 2013 resolution is to convert @rihanna & make her my thug wife! She deserve a real mobster!”

I don’t know that he’s gonna be able to convert her. She’s a sexy savage.


LOL! You probably saw this a couple days ago, but I missed it shopping for my dog. Well, it looks like Trinidad James may have a lawsuit on his hand from the co-creator of “Martin.” “Nobody’s that unattractive in real life. Gold chains, gold rings, and rotten teeth, that’s Jerome!! …Martin created that,” said ‘Martin’ Creator Gerald Levin. Levin believes – as I did – Trinidad James is some parody, not a real rapper. This means he can be sued because he looks too much like the parody on “Martin.” He’s gonna sue for $5 million dollars if Trini James doesn’t chill!

I know what Trinidad thinks.


Did you hear the latest “Rap Up” from Skillz? I think he’s gotten tired of this yearly wrap up. Well, at the send of the 2012 version of the song, he says that done with it. I know there are others lined up to do a new Wrap up. He sounds little like Meek Mill on this one. check it out.

Sounds like…uh…Rick Ross should have A&R’d the beat.


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