Dramacydal Tv Docs: Hood Life: A Hip Hop Guided Tour Of Compton


Rapper The Game’s (so called) stepfather, Hodari Sababu, gives us a guided tour through South Central LA featuring an original score by Co La (http://bit.ly/WoH0py). Featuring stops at Eazy E’s home, The Game’s childhood home, the Slauson Swap Meet, Flashpoint for the LA riots & the Figueroa ho stroll. Same dude Game say’s never married his mother, not his father and a bunch of other ish.

Hood Life Tours Website: http://bit.ly/RCvsCv

Directed & Edited by Winston Case – http://bit.ly/VGnmZW
Music By Co La
Cinematography By Will Colby
Audio Mixed by Jeff Curtin
Shot by Will Colby & Winston Case
Associate Producer: Eavvon O’Neal
Executive Producer: RJ Bentler
Special Thanks: Greg Sheran, Britton Powell, and Hodari Sababu

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