Dramacydal Tv: The History Of Ralph Lauren and Polo

The Polo brand by Ralph Lauren has become one of the most popular and profitable lines of casual menswear in the United States. Polo lines for children and women are also sold in high-end stores and shopping malls across the country. Ralph Lauren designed the Polo fashion line in 1968.


  • The Ralph Lauren Company was incorporated in 1968 as Polo Fashions and traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. The company has registered sales in excess of $2 billion and employed 11,000 workers by 2008.

Polo Time Line

  • Advertisements for the Ralph Lauren Polo line began appearing in New York City newspapers in early 1974. In 1978, cologne was introduced into the line of Polo offerings. In 1983, home furnishings and décor were added to the growing Ralph Lauren Company. A large flagship store opened on Madison Avenue in New York City in 1986. The European headquarters for the company is in Paris, France

Ralph Lauren Opens Clothing Boutique

  • Ralph Lauren worked for the famous Brooks Brothers Company prior to starting his own fashion line. Armed with a $50,000 loan, Lauren opened his first clothing booth inside the Bloomingdale’s Manhattan store. In 1971, he opened his first store in Beverly Hills, featuring Polo fashions for women. The simple, short-sleeved knit Polo shirt was born in the late 1980s and worn primarily for golf and tennis. The popularity of the shirt spread rapidly, with women and children often seen sporting the shirts with the embroidered Polo horse and rider over the pocket.

Polo Home Accessories and Decor

  • The Polo line of fashions focuses on casual and semi-formal clothing for women and men. The bedding and linens line has also grown rapidly, featuring the signature Polo logo and high-quality fibers. The Polo by Ralph Lauren brand spread past U.S. borders in 1993.

Ralph Lauren Polo Clothing Lines and Charity

  • Polo clothing options increased during the 1990s and included jeans, Black and Purple Label suits and fine leather luggage for men. The Lauren by Ralph Lauren and Ralph-by-Ralph Lauren spin-off lines are sold exclusively at high-end department stores. Ralph Lauren has given back to community organizations through sponsorships and donations. The Pink Pony clothing line benefits cancer research. The Polo: Create Your Own line, which allows the shopper to select color and embroidery options, was introduced in 2003.



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