Dramacydal Tv Album Review: TRUTH “TRUTH IS”


With clever lines and deliciously sinister touches make “Truth Is” far more accessible than one might have thought possible for a Cleveland artist. Cleveland  has only glanced the mainstream, with artists like Bone, MGK, and even the kID cUDI. repping the city on occasion. Truth, impressively, has managed to make a nice album of it, despite the city’s inherent inaccessibility. On his first entry Truth manages to do just that.

2012-10-23 - 02

Make no mistake, Truth’s emceeing arsenal is still quite impressive. Whether it’s the rapid-fire flows over the frenetic and disturbing strings of “Hard Ball” or steady delivery over extremely minimalist production on “Drop It,” Truth  is unquestionably adept at his craft. Guests are carefully chosen, ranging from Pee Da Wee  oustanding performance and well-placed assists from Yung Russ on Weekend Warrior. One of the most brilliant cuts on the record is Dolla Billz.” Between the slinky keys and hood stylings, it masquerades as a something far less mainstream than what it actually is.

While with “Late Night” and “Greatness” gives you some of that hardcore street spit.. the cut “Drop It” takes you back to club with everything you need to ball out and make it rain. With crazy visiuals on the video, Drop It is sure to pick up steam this coming summmer.

With the R&B flavored “Sing To Me” it kinda loses it’s way midway through but it still makes for a nice banger just cruising with ya lady or by yourself

Lab Pic

Another favorite of ours is “Grindmode” which gives you that down south flavor mixed with the hard times of the Cleveland streets. Although a little bit familiar, Truth illustrates a story far different than what you have been hearing in the “Trap rap” genre.

Overall the album “Truth Is” is rated 4 out of 5 and is definitely a far cry from what you have been hearing lately. “Fly Shh”   “End Of Sky” and “90’s Music” rounds out this exceptional debut from Cleveland’s own “Truth” and will surely have you taking notice at this artist’s versatile style. “Truth Is” is availabele for download HERE and be sure to stay on the look out for truth and Blackmoney GMB.




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