DRAMACYDAL TV: 2013 – A Year In Review … For Battle Rap (RAPGRID)


This year has seen some of the most controversial, dynamic and exciting moments in the history of battle rap.  Youtube subscription service based leagues were launched (and folded), Charlie Clips went SUPER ham, “bars” were finally heralded over “names,” Hollow returned from incarceration to battle Tsu Surf, Dizaster spit in Eurghs face and Arsonal un-CRIPified Charron just as fast as Daylyt made him one. 2013 was also the year of the bloggers: Jay Blac, Jon Rines, Angry Fan, Laura Tarsi, Dana, Mr. 250, War Room Sports, RapGrid, Queenzflip, Vladtv, TheSource.com (Jon Reiss), TOBattleblog, Unbias Review, RMBVA, OTBVA, Battlefix & more all held it down and made great contributions to the battle culture. From the many entertaining battles and moments surrounding this culture over the past 365 (give or take) days, RapGrid has put together the dopest commentary you can read on battle rap in celebration of the new year; forget all of the politically correct lists catering to the most popular emcees and companies - THIS IS THE REAL.


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