DNA says "believe it or not, Daylyt is gonna be a legend." (HIPHOPDX)
In an interview with VladTV, battle rapper DNA offered his opinion on Daylyt’s antic-heavy style and why he would decline to battle the Watts rapper if offered.
Citing Daylyt’s use of antics in his battles, DNA initially said he wouldn't want to battle the rapper if the opportunity arose. “No, only because, and Daylyt is talented man, a lot of people don’t know that Daylyt can really rap,” he said. “I’m just not with the antics, man. We would to have to get a contract, no antics aloud, we gon’ rap. If we gon’ rap then yeah, I would wanna battle Daylyt because talent-wise he got bars. He fools some people because of the antics they think he don’t, so, yeah, I would do it.” 
Asked if he feels that Daylyt’s battle rap antics, which include stripping down in a 2013 battle, go too far, DNA explained how the approach has helped the rapper in the long run. “I don’t wanna do that in a battle, but my whole thing is that the the farther he goes, the more he gets booked,” he said. “So it’s working for the people and there’s still people that feel like they wanna battle him. So I don’t think he’s going too far, it’s just personal preference. Daylyt is very smart, he damn-near tells you what’s gonna happen before you battle and I don’t know if the people he battles think he’s lying, then he does it.”
Responding to a question about Daylyt recent battle against 40 B.A.R.R.S. in which he reportedly exposed his genitals, DNA broke down his thoughts on the rapper’s pre-battle technique. “Believe it or not, Daylyt is gonna be a legend,” he said. “This one has a chance to go to Worldstar, this one has a chance to go viral. It’s definitely gon’ be interesting, I just wanna see what he does. See that’s the thing with people that battle him, they’re nervous. You’re taking what he’s saying, but thats like if me and you about to box, and I tell you, ‘Yo, I’m gonna duck and weave, then I’m gonna catch you’ or ‘I’m gonna stand in the corner and psych you out and then I’m gonna swing.’ Even though I’m telling you it, you still in your mind like, ‘Why the fuck would this nigga me his gameplan?’ It’s weird, you don’t know if you should be like, ‘Alright this is what he’s gonna do,’ or ‘This nigga psyching me out he’s gonna do something else.’ I think that’s why a lot of people don’t try to [react]. Some people feel like if he does it, what they do is still gonna overpower it...I think that’s gonna be a classic though.”
Earlier this month, Daylyt described his ambitions to be a "gimmick rapper." “I don’t wanna be nice,” he said. “I don’t wanna have bars, I want to be a gimmick rapper. That’s what I want to be. The gimmicks is getting me around the world, I don’t care for rapping no more. All these niggas spitting their regular bars, they stay they ass in New York and Chicago, and sometimes Canada. Nigga, I’m around the world doing this dumb shit. I’m from Watts. Watts niggas don’t even leave L.A. I’ve made it around the world. I am a one of a kind. Gimmicks has got me there. I will never stop. I’m a circus act. I will remain that way...I been to Australia. I seen a kangaroo with my own eyes, in real life my nigga. I’m sitting there looking at a kangaroo, five feet away from me, and I’m telling myself, rapping did not get me here.”
Declining to offer a final prediction, DNA also detailed his view that a 40 B.A.R.R.S. win might not yield her, or women more generally, greater mainstream acceptance in the battle industry. “Yeah and no, because with Daylyt, it’s almost like he cares but then he doesn’t," he said. "So it’s gonna be like, Daylylt didn’t really go hard he was just being Daylyt doing shit so people would talk about him. If he really raps then we really just gonna have to break it down bar for bar. That’s why I just wanna wait and see ‘cause I don’t know what he’s gonna do...To me Daylyt is just as lyrical as 40, but lyrically 40 is crazy. I don’t know man, ‘cause if he does this black bag shit or whatever he does, it’s gonna be hard to say he lost. I just wanna see it. I don’t even got a prediction.”



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