(S/O Battle Wiki) |Motto = “Sike, I lied nigga” Charlie Clips (born Charles Leon Brown III), is a Harlem, New York based rapper known for his charisma, moderately paced delivery, punchlines, and knowledge of the Battle Rap community. Charlie Clips is also known widely for his record of battles, in which he has beaten the majority of his competitors, or stalemated them in his battles. In addition to his own Battle Rap career, Charlie Clips is known for battling several intro-level competitors (known as P.G.‘s, for SMACK/URL’s Proving Grounds league) to give them their first shot in a professional setting. Widely credited as one of the best Battle Rappers to date, Charlie Clips is respected by many for both his skill and his outstanding contribution to the Battle Rap culture. 

latestG5 Affiliates: Charlie is killing the game right now.. haters stop the violence! Yes maybe he did walk into a couple battles spitting sub par bars and totally not giving a fuck but you can’t take away the EPIC T Rex body bag or the classic performance against Tay Rock in their highly anticipated rematch plus he is just overall a funny dude. Really, who is left for this guy to battle? He has Hollow Da Don coming up and after could we see a Loaded Lux or possibly a Mook battle? Or maybe even a mainstream rapper going toe to toe with clips. Here at Str8Drop36 we will be following closely to what Charlie does in the future but for now… we cant classify him as G.O.A.T. just yet due to 3 more high profile battle possibilities we do give him the label as the hands down, undisputed prince of battle rap as we speak… no on knows what te furture holds but we think he will take the battle culture to levels unknown.

Charlie Clips Battles

Opponent Date League/Event
T-Rex Sep 28, 2014 URL:SM4
Tay Roc Jun 7, 2014 URL: NOME IV
Hitman HollaHolla Apr 21, 2014 Go-Rilla Warfare
Tsu Surf Dec 14, 2013 URL Born Legacy
B-Magic Jun 23, 2013 URL:NOME3
Serius Jones Aug 19, 2012 URL: SM2
John John Da Don Quiet Room
JC Go-Rilla Warfare/Black Ice Cartel
Charron King Of The Dot




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