STR8DROP36 VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Beats by Dre Presents: The Pinkprint Movie


Nicki Minaj bared her soul on her most emotional album to date, The Pinkprint. Now, the rapper continues to vent her emotions with the short film, The Pinkprint Movie, starring Nicki Minaj herself, Willy Monfret, and Boris Kodjoe.

In the 16-minute film presented by Beats by Dre, Minaj uses select tracks off of her new album to tell the story of a failing relationship. The film is divided into three parts named after songs: “The Crying Game,” “I Lied,” and “Grand Piano” with each part breaking down the stages of a breaking relationship. Some reports say that the emotional film and the equally emotional album may be based on Minaj’s real-life break up with her longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels.

Take a look at The Pinkprint Movie and let us know what you think about the music and the heartbreaking tale of love lost.


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