25 China Sneakerheads Share Their Love of the Legendary Nike Air Force 1


The Nike Air Force 1 is an undeniably iconic shoe, with an instantly recognizable silhouette that has remained timeless since its inception in 1982. The Air Force 1 is a staple of sneaker culture worldwide, and was the pioneer basketball shoe with Nike Air technology, combining performance, culture and style.

Nike’s entrance into the Chinese market in the 1980s coincided with the release of the Air Force 1s, during a time in which the cultural boom was at a high, and basketball and hip-hop culture was taking hold of the youths in China. Continuing its cultural relevance all over the world, China embraced the shoe wholly and it had quickly rooted itself in Chinese culture. The word “Nai Ke” (the Chinese transliteration of Nike) quickly became a household name.

Nike has released a a rework of its iconic shoe for the Chinese market, featuring the original ’80s silhouette in an all-white premium leather, with a red suede Swoosh and “Nai Ke” embroidered in red on its heel. We brought the new shoe to 25 sneakerheads across China to hear their thoughts on the shoe, as well as their personal connections and memories with the Air Force 1 READ MORE


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