STR8DROP36: 2015 NBA FINALS: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About J.R. Smith


Well, it’s official! The Cleveland Cavaliers has advanced to the 2015 NBA Finals in a most prestigious way and here at STR8DROP36 we would like to pay homage to one of the men who helped push this team..injuries and all.. to the Finals and to set it off we have 10 Things You Didn’t Know About J.R. Smith coming at you after the flippity flip so get comfortable we got some good ish on our honarary 6th man J.R. Smith! 

1. No thanks, UNC

J.R. Smith was one of the last prep-to-pro players, going straight from high school to the NBA. The offers were there for him though if he chose. Instead of going to UNC for a year, J.R. chose to go directly to the pros, in which he was selected 16th overall for the New Orleans Hornets.

2. Three Quarters of Domination

In a game of high school basketball, J.R. outscored the opposing team by himself, in three quarters. When his coach pulled him from the game at the end of the third, he apparently wasn’t happy and wanted to stay out there longer. I guess there’s no quit in this guy, or mercy.

3. Melo and CP3 are his Children’s Godfathers

It’s well documented that Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith have been best buddies for quite some time now, playing together in both Denver and New York, so that part makes sense. J.R. was drafted to the New Orleans Hornets in 2005 and played just one season alongside Chris Paul, I guess they were really really really close in that one season.

4. My First Tattoo

70% of his body is covered in ink, but which one was his first? Himself. His first tattoo was himself dunking a basketball. There’s self-confidence, and then there’s this:

smith tatt

5. Received Full Football Scholarship from Clemson

The offer was made solely on J.R.’s game tape. He had that level of ability. But once he transferred to St. Benedict’s prep to repeat junior year, he dropped football altogether. Given his father’s history as a former college and semipro basketball player, it’s no surprise that J.R. followed in his father’s footsteps.

6. 60 in China, off the Bench

There’s never been any doubt in J.R.’s ability to shoot the ball, but 60 points off the bench?! Who was guarding him? Clearly nobody.

7. Brotherly Love

When J.R. signed for the Knicks after the lockout in 2012, he was a packaged deal. He would sign, if the Knicks signed his brother, Chris. Chris played a total 2 career NBA minutes, and was paid a whopping $2 million to do so.


8. My Name is Earl

After J.R. was convicted in a reckless driving case that killed his best friend, he tried to find the reset button. He’d gone by J.R.—which stands for “Junior” as his real name is Earl Thomas III— basically his entire life. J.R. wanted to be known as Earl, but that didn’t last long.

9. 5 Position Footballer

J.R. has always been super athletic, and was so good at the high school football level he would play any position in which he could affect the game. He was know to play quarter back, wide receiver, corner back, line backer and safety.

10. One of his Favorite Albums in the Juno Soundtrack

Yes, you read that right. This definitely warrants a search and seizure of his iPod. For a guy who’s notorious for his expertise in golf, classy music isn’t a classy overreach.



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